Litespeed Cache Launches Mobile Cache Crawler

I feel the need, the need for speed! Hold onto your hats ladies and gentlemen, mobile browsing is about to get fast thanks to the latest enhancement to the Litespeed Cache WordPress plugin. Early this morning Australian time I received a surprising email to a support/feature enhancement ticket I opened several months ago on Litespeed. Not ... Read More »

30th Nov 2018
Automated Website and Database Backup

Bring your website back to life. Anytime, from anywhere. *Your web browser does not support HTML5 video* What is Website Backup? Website Backup is a cloud-based website, database backup and monitoring service tha you can use to securely backup, recover, monitor and protect your website data. This solution is fully cloud-based, military-grade ... Read More »

31st Aug 2018
BunnyCDN Announces Massive Oceania Rollout

Fantastic news for everyone in Australia. BunnyCDN, who we use to power our CDN and make your websites blazing fast, have just announced a massive increase of their services in the Oceania region. While all other providers typically have only one or two locations, BunnyCDN now have five. This will result in even faster page loads.This is their ... Read More »

9th Aug 2018
Best WordPress Plugins for a Stable Environment - A Must Read

Mandatory Plugins The only mandatory plugin that you must use on our hosting is Litespeed Cache. With Litespeed cache, your website will seamlessly integrate with our enterprise Litespeed server and Litespeed Cache to speed up your website and reduce overall server load. Failure to use Litespeed may result in your website being ... Read More »

29th Jul 2018