$120.00 AUD

1 Hour emergency support
Has your website crashed? Need to get it up quickly? Or do you need help figuring out how to set up a new plugin or theme? This service might be for you.
We can

  • Recover a site from a bad update

  • Install and configure plugins and themes

  • Troubleshoot problems

And much more...
$480.00 AUD

Clean Hacked WordPress Site
Have you been hacked? Need to remove malware and get your site back online and back in control quickly? This is the service for you.
Let us clean up your hacked website. We will remove the hack and restore it to full working order.
$450.00 AUD

WordPress Security Hardening
Is your website secure? Every day thousands of websites are hacked due to fatal flaws in their security, and due to the popularity of WordPress it's a prime target for hackers.
Now is the time to make sure your website, and your customers data is safe and secure. For a one-off fee we will ensure that your website is safe and secure from hacking.
While we will endeavour to employ the best tactics available, hackers are working daily to find new vulnerabilities in website files. This service will offer a fantastic level of securoty, but due to the nature of WordPress and the open source code it is built with, we can not be held responsible for a hacking at a later date.
$49.00 AUD

Yoast Configuration
With this package, the Yoast SEO plugin will be optimally configured for so that you can begin to rank on Google.
We will install and configure the Yoast SEO plugin so that it only tells Google and other search engines about the important pages on your site. By correctly setting up Yoast you’ll avoid duplicate content and thin content problems, problems which can present a major disadvantage to your SEO objectives.
We will also create a professional robots.txt for search engines to make sure they only crawl the visible pages while also stopping the bad robots from accessing your site (this is not a security solution and only prevents crawlers such as Ask from accessing your site). You will be required to create an account at Google Search Console for optimal results. We can assist you with this.
$249.00 AUD

Speed Optimisation
As the internet is maturing speed has become an important factor. In fact, having a slow website can be a detriment to your rankings with the major search engines such as Google. This package will help you beat that.
In this package we will optimise your WordPress website to make it load faster.
Either premium WP-Rocket or Swift Performance plugin
Setting up and optimising the site
Implementing Gzip compression (if available on the server) for faster page transfer
Minifying HTML, scripts and styles
Defer loading of Javascript
Creating a crawler to dynamically cache static html pages
Optimise images for the web
If required we may suggest disabling some plugins for faster website loading
Your site will be performing swiftly, like a rocket in no time
$249.00 AUD

Add AMP Support for Mobiles
peed is everything, and even if your website is mobile friendly and optimised for speed, it won’t be enough going forward. You need to take the next step, and the next step is Accellerated Mobile Pages (AMP).
What is AMP?
AMP is a Google project designed to deliver exactly what the project name implies. To deliver accelerated mobile pages. It does this be removing much of the bloat that most websites have for their desktop version. The result. A page that is typically a mere 10% of the normal desktop size. So you can imagine. A page that’s only 10% of the normal size must mean that it’s 10 times faster, and that is true also.
So imagine you have a desktop site that loads in 2 seconds. On a mobile it can take as much as 8 to 10 seconds to load. By adding AMP that mobile site will load in less than a second. But it gets better. Google also notice the speed improvement and will add a symbol beside your site signifying that it’s AMP compliant. They also cache the AMP pages so they open instantly on a mobile browser.
$50.00 AUD

Website migration
Need to move your website between hosts but don't know how it's done? Let us take care of the move for you.
We will move your site to any host of your choosing. Simple let us know who it is, your old website host and url and new host, login details and we will move it at a time that's convenient to you.
$250.00 AUD
Wordpress Maintenance -hosted
WordPress maintenance and support
$350.00 AUD
Wordpress Maintenance- Not hosted
WordPress maintenance and support

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