Mandatory Plugins

The only mandatory plugin that you must use on our hosting is Litespeed Cache. With Litespeed cache, your website will seamlessly integrate with our enterprise Litespeed server and Litespeed Cache to speed up your website and reduce overall server load. Failure to use Litespeed may result in your website being suspended. 

Recommended Plugins 


Bulletproof Security. As the name suggests, this is a security plugin. It will help secure your website from brute force and hacking attacks. 


The following plugins are recommended for backing up your site.

Premium paid plugins

Time Capsule. Wp Time Capsule is an incremental backup plugin that allows you to backup your files to the cloud or other storage location. It allows you to create real-time backups. This is a premium plugin with plans starting at US$50 a year for 2 sites and has a 1 month free trial. 

VaultPress. Similar to Wp Time Capsule, VaultPress conducts incremental backups to the VaultPress servers. VaultPress is owned by the minds behind WordPress. Plans begin at around $5 a month per site. 

Free plugin for subscribed members

Swift Backup and Restore (coming soon). This is our own plugin which can perform real-time backups to your cloud storage location and offers the ability for one-click restores and a staging site. You can store your own WordPress files in places such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Azure and many more. As with the above two, it performs incremental backups which means it's easier for the server to handle.

Avoid the following plugins. 

The following plugins may be banned in the future.

Updraft Plus. Reason. Updraft uses file compression which causes significant server load. This load can impact every website on the server. Replacement. Use WP Time Capsule or VaultPress. 

BackWPUp. Reason. As above. Any backup plugin which uses compression is not recommended for the hosting. Replacement. Use WP Time Capsule or VaultPress. 

Wordfence. Reason. Wordfence uses significant resources to monitor users on the site. Replacement. Use Bulletproof Security. 

Related post plugins. Related post plugins place a significant load on the server and make many database calls. Replacement. Jetpack. 

Other cache plugins such as WP Rocket, WP Fastest Cache, Supercache, W3 Total Cache and others. Reason. These will disable Litespeed and increase server load and slow website speeds. Replacement. You must use Litespeed. 

Statistics plugins. Statistic plugins can bloat the database which will increase server load and reduce your site speed. Replacement. Google Analytics or Jetpack. 

Note about Jetpack. Jetpack has an image CDN built in, but you must not use it. We give you access to a real CDN for no extra cost and activating the Jetpack image CDN may conflict with the real CDN and slow down your website. 

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